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[dW] Learn 10 good XML usage habits

버리야 2008. 5. 23. 10:50

"XML을 사용할때 좋은 10가지 습관(관습)"이라는 글을 우연히 보았는데 당연한 것도 있고,

알지만 안쓰게 되는 점들도 있군요.

Learn 10 good XML usage habits
  1. Define your XML and encoding
  2. Use a DTD or XSD
  3. Remember to validate
  4. Validation isn't always the answer
  5. XML structure versus attributes
  6. Use XPath to find information
  7. You don't always need a parser to extract information
  8. When to use SAX over DOM parsing
  9. When to DOM over SAX parsing
  10. Use a good XML editor